Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Solo afternoon.

I went on a hike yesterday after work at Rainbow Basin, a conservation area in Kirksville. I love the place. I used to say that I didn't think this part of the state, the northeast, was as pretty as the rest because it's too flat, not like the rest of the state, and certainly not like the beautiful hills of the MO River that I grew up on. But if you step out of Kirksville in pretty much any direction, it's breathtaking. I am self-admittedly in love with my Missouri, and getting out in it is awesome. Reminds me of tramping around the woods as a kid, spending all day outside.

...Oh, and I brought my camera.

Yellow flowers are pretty...
but purple ones are, too.

I see you.

I took about a million pictures of this trying to focus on it. At least this one turned out.

Brown-eyed suzies are my favorite, even the damaged ones.

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