Sunday, June 20, 2010


I got the chance to see one of my favorite bands of the moment on Monday at the Pageant in St. Louis (a great venue!), called Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. The concert was fantastic! The band, which consists of at least 10 people, is so entertaining, and they obvious love what they're doing. It's great to see musicians actually get into their music instead of standing there like zombies like so many bands seem to do. Jade, one of their lead singers, kept running on and off the stage, like some sort of sprite or nymph, but she fit right into what felt like a music wonderland. So great. Just a positive, fun atmosphere. I would love to see them again!

This scene was painted on their backdrop at the show.

Here's a video of them on Letterman from last year. They are absolutely intoxicating!

AND the opening band, Dawes, was awesome as well. I love when the opening band is so good that I want to rush home and download all their music, which is exactly what I did with these guys. I didn't think they could get a band that could justify themselves as openers for the Zeros--they are just so damn entertaining--, but man, these guys were good. They made these hilarious, intense faces when they played and they were just In it. It was really great!

I like their album art. They are cute guys, too!

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