Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nanner Bread!

I had some really brown bananas, so I made some delicious banana bread! Yum. I got the recipe here. Simple and GOOD.


This semester I took Printmaking I, and I am so so SO happy I did. Printmaking is awesome. I love the process and the countless techniques that you can you. The hands-on approach is so up my alley!

I recently had a little photo shoot of the prints I'd done during the second half of the semester, which included intaglio, polyester plate lithography, and screen printing. Neat-o.

"Pickin' Me a Bouquet of Dogwood Flowers." Polyester plate lithograph.

"So Mingled." A quote from Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story "Ethan Brand." Screen print on plexi glass.
Untitled. My best friend from younger years, Becky, and I used to draw treehouses every rainy day at indoor recess. I always wanted a treehouse. I guess I never really stopped dreaming of the perfect one! Poly plate lithograph.

"Vanity." Intaglio, zinc plate.
This was actually done on the same plate as the one above. The assignment was to change something about the print somehow, either by altering the plate using methods we learned or changing your ink application. I was unhappy with my rendering of the left figure, so I decided to completely take her out. I used a sander to grind the plate to its original smoothness. it was fun and I am much happier with these later prints!

After showing it to my dad, he said, "Nuns don't wear make-up." LOL. I think I like that title better.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Just a few pics from my Senior Capstone Show. For our capstone class, we were asked to come up with a company and do all the design for it, from its logo to its advertisements to signage to stationery to packaging to everything! Our show consisted of us making a display for a table that was set up our school's awesome art gallery for a night. It was a challenge and a helluva lotta work, but I was glad with how mine turned out. I just wish I had more pictures!

Roomies! lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove.
Viscom class '10. We are hott.


Fresh out of my senior capstone experience in Visual Communication, I am in dire need of a long summer of relaxation and rejuvenation. I need time for my creative juices to get going again, because after this semester, they seemed to be all dried up! I intend to get back to the good stuff and fill this blog up with the art and design I love to do for fun!

This summer will be filled with photography, d.i.y. crafts, novels and short stories, watercolors, long bike rides, plaids and florals, beer on the porch, frisbee for hours, sweaty hikes, long nights, and early mornings.