Tuesday, November 23, 2010

OU Site Re-Design: Not a Fan.

Ouch. It physically hurts me. It looked like Microsoft Paint threw up all over UO's homepage. Urban Outfitters, usually a haven for fun, hip, funky design, is using stretched and skewed type. Weird placements, awkward arches of type, questionable typeface choices--it's just awful. However, I recently came across an article that at least made the ugly explainable. Brand New had this little blurb that said that "UO’s new look feels purposely ugly. It’s hip-ugly without a wink."

Wha??? I don't get it.

It also gave a link to this excellent Michael Beirut article that further explained it. Apparently, Ugly is Back. But I agree with Beirut: "Dear God in heaven: at long last, is nothing sacred?"

Hopefully UO's site re-vamp comes sooner rather than later.

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