Saturday, July 24, 2010

Upcycled thrift store belt

I recently went on a little visit to the local thrift stores in downtown Kirksville, just to browse. These days, thrift and second hand stores seem to be the only places that I can afford!

Anyway, in addition to a great, super soft vintage-y ringer t-shirt (Iowa State Wrestling Champions 1987, woot woot!), I found this great leather belt with roses engraved into it. It was tiny (I think it must have been made for a little girl!) but I thought I could do something cool with it, so I bought it. Along with the t-shirt, I spent an outrageous 75 cents. Not bad, eh?

Yesterday I finally got around to being crafty and made some leather bracelets out of the belt! I got out my x-acto knife, bought some suede cord, and got crackin'. They came out pretty neat, yes? Oh, and I had another leather cuff that had fallen apart, so I used the suede cord to make it wearable again! Maybe I'll donate them to AIGA for our fundraiser this fall, or give them as gifts... hmm!!

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